This blog WAS about my experiences with the new Microsoft Vista OS. I went back to Windows XP, so I'm no longer updating it. However, I decided to leave it on-line, at least until Vista is officially released. There may be a few tips here that will help other beta users.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Critical View of Vista

Here's a link that I came across this morning. It's a very critical look at Windows Vista. I don't mean critical as in "scrutinizing the OS objectively," I mean critical as in "complaining about everything." Still, it has some info that readers might find interesting.

The writer spent most of his time complaining about the fonts and the layout. (Personally, I don't think liking the size or the type of fonts has anything to do with how well the OS performs. I kind of like the layout....but, anyway....)

Also, he criticized Microsoft for not copying a Mac OS feature at one point, and then just a little while later he criticizes them for copying a Mac OS screensaver. I get the feeling that this guy is just impossible to please.

Anyway, you can read and judge for yourself. I just scanned the article, but it looked like he did make a few valid points.



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