This blog WAS about my experiences with the new Microsoft Vista OS. I went back to Windows XP, so I'm no longer updating it. However, I decided to leave it on-line, at least until Vista is officially released. There may be a few tips here that will help other beta users.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Initial Thoughts

First of all, it's important to make it clear that I'm not a developer. I'm a pretty computer savvy individual, but I deal with broadband technologies mostly, not with Windows. I'm not an MCSE or anything like that, and I don't really have any plans to become Microsoft certified any time soon (Cisco first!). I installed the Vista beta because I was curious to see how it worked, but I quickly fell in love with it. Yes, it has bugs, but nothing so far that I don't expect to see fixed by release.

Should you install the Vista beta? It's really up to you, but I'll put it this way. If you have to get on forums and ask how to install it and make it work, then you probably don't need to be trying to run it. You do have to jump through some hoops to make everything work properly. Also, if you aren't comfortable with the possibility of losing all your data, then Vista isn't for you.

So, the Microsoft download site for Vista clearly says that it's not intended to be used as a primary OS yet. They tell you not to delete your current OS. But, I did.

Why, you ask? It's simple...VISTA KEEPS UP WITH MY TYPING!!!!! Yes, this makes me a happy, happy man.

You see, every single Windows 98 or XP laptop that I have ever used can't keep up with my typing. I hit keys and nothing happens. I have to slow down to around 40-50 wpm before it can keep up. One of the very first things I noticed about Vista, when I first installed it, was that it actually keeps up with me!

So, if you're a laptop user that types around 120 wpm, and you have the same problem, Vista is your new friend. I'm serious...this alone made me decide to try to go ahead and leave XP behind.

The down side is, I now have no excuse for the typos that I make in this blog. (Just so everyone knows, this is a very informal blog...I really don't care if I make typos).

So, in short, my initial feelings toward Vista were very positive. They still are very positive. I think Microsoft has done a great job with the OS so far. Yes, I know they stole a lot of features from Macs, but I really don't care...I still think Microsoft has done a great job. When commercial companies start putting people in space (and bringing them back down again), I'll think they're doing a great job too, instead of telling them that they're stealing ideas from NASA.

Now, I'll get a little bit more serious, and give a very brief review of Vista.


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