This blog WAS about my experiences with the new Microsoft Vista OS. I went back to Windows XP, so I'm no longer updating it. However, I decided to leave it on-line, at least until Vista is officially released. There may be a few tips here that will help other beta users.

Monday, June 19, 2006

My System

First of all, let me tell you guys about the system that I'm running, and then I'll describe some of my initial impressions.

I installed Vista build 5384 (32 bit) on my HP 5035nr laptop. Complete system specs can be found here.

Processor: AMD Turion 64 2.2 ghz
Hard Drive: 80 GB
Display: RADEON XPRESS 200M Series
Audio: Conexant AC-Link Audio (I had a few problems getting the driver for this to install...more on that later.
Wireless NIC: Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter
Ethernet NIC: Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

As you can see, my laptop is decent, but it's hardly a top-of-the-line performance machine. It does run Vista just fine, so if you compare your specs to mine, you can get a feel for how well Vista should perform for you. I don't think I'd want to install it for regular use on a machine much slower than mine. (Keep in mind, the beta version of Vista is the premium edition--Microsoft says that they will be releasing other editions that are designed to work on slower computers).

Now, for some of my initial feelings about Vista.


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